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Low Power DPSS UV Lasers

Low-power DPSS UV Lasers of output power 1W/3W/5W are featured with compact structure with extremely convenient installation and debugging. They have adopted the built-in laser diode technology to avoid the effect of fiber shaking on output laser. Besides, the beam quality is excellent enough to ensure the stability and reliability for mass production, which can meet the special manufacturing and processing demand in harsh industrial working condition.



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Mid Power DPSS UV Lasers 

Mid Power DPSS UV Lasers of output power 8W/10W especially designed for industrial micro-machining field, have adopted unique folded cavity construction which is secure and reliable. Meanwhile, they are characterized by high stability, low power consumption, long - term stability and high-quality laser beam. In addition, the special designed laser output window can be exchanged on site, which fits for arduous conditions in industrial processing applications.



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Low-power DPSS UV Lasers are widely used in 3C industry marking, as well as industrial micro machining, including marking for a diversity of materials, LED scribing, laser rapid prototyping, removal of metal and non-metal coating, silicon wafer processing and so on.

Mid Power DPSS UV Lasers are used in micromachining high-end market, including FPC cutting, ceramic punching and scribing, glass cutting, touch screen processing, silicon wafer processing and so on. Particularly they are suitable for punching, scribing, cutting of high precision micromachining and other fields.